Google Analytics doesn't recognize my analytics code

Hey not sure if it’s me or not but I can’t get Google Analytics to detect the code on my site. I placed it in the header and then in the footer. I have several other websites and I have never had a problem. Just doesn’t seem to want to detect it. Has anyone else run into this problem, or now how to get this to work? Thanks

I have found that custom header scripts that you can find in Theme Options – Other – Custom Scripts are not working but I have already fixed that issues and fix will be available via next theme update.

Custom footer scripts should work and I have used it to add Analytics code for Travelify demo site and it does work.

Did you try to use these fields or tried to add your scripts directly inside footer.php or header.php?

Well maybe it’s something up with Google and not the theme. Originally I place it in with the custom scripts area but after a couple days it said it wasn’t verified yet. So I decided to place it in the header right before the closing head tag as I normally do. Still nothing. hmmm I am certainly stumped as I have added dozens of sites to analytics with no problem.

Check if you can see Google Analytics code inside your website source code. If it’s there you are ready to go, if not try different place.
On Google Chrome you can right click anywhere in the page and choose “View Page Source” and search for Analytics code.

Right before closing head tag should do the trick.

Yeah I check and it is in the header. You can see here. Maybe it’s a google glitch. Well click the link and I will see if it tracks.

I do see your Analytics code and you are using the latest version of Google Analytics code so there shouldn’t be any issues.
I have no ideas what could be wrong but probably it’s just a temporary issue.