Google+ can't load image as "featured image"

I hav ethe following problem: When I share a link to one of my blog pages to google plus, google plus loads the first image in this article as featured image. Facebook does the same.

But since some weeks, only facebook can load the image, google plus shows a “broken image sign”:

But is the same article older than 2 or 3 weeks, google plus can load it:

Any idea? Whats the problem? :frowning:

Hi @schrottie,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

This can be due to long image URLs as i can see on the shared post where the image is not displaying has long URL as following

But where it’s displaying has short URL as shown below.

Also you i can see the difference between image format .png and .jpeg which can cause this.

I have tested sharing the post URL on my Google plus profile which doesn’t show image on your shared Google plus profile and found it’s working fine as shown in the attached screenshots so could you please try sharing it again?

Best Regards,

Thx for your reply!

Since some days this problem is no longer existing. Only the mobile app can’t display the image.

Hi @schrottie,

Glad it’s working fine for your now.

Could you please tell me which mobile app is not displaying which image?


I use the google plus app from google:

I have attached 2 screenshots showing the same posts in browser and in the mobile app.

Hi @schrottie,

I have just tested on my Sony Android mobile in stalling latest version of google plus app and visiting the posts here

All the posts images displayed fine for me without any issue.

Could you please try uninstalling and reinstalling google plus app from your mobile and clearing your mobile cache data?

Also test it on any other mobile device if you can.


After that, there is teh same problem.

And today I flashed a new ROM to my fully wiped mobile phone: The same. :-\

Hi @schrottie,

I have also notified my colleague @Aigars to test it.

He will test it and reply here ASAP.


Hi @schrottie,

I checked your Google+ profile on iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S5 Mini and iPad Air and featured image appears to show perfectly fine. My guess is that it is some local problem with Google+ app. But since everyone else can see posts and images you share it shouldn’t be a big problem.

I will check if other Google+ users have noticed the same problem with featured images and will let you know in case I find something useful.