Google Map in place of Featured Image Slider

Okay, so the title says it all really.
I have a “Contact Us” page on my site which I’d really like to feature a map on. Would it be possible to utilise the same framework as the featured image slider that is available on the homepage on my “contact us” page, but instead of showing featured images, display a google map of a location?

Much like this website does:

This can be done using is_page conditional tag which is available for WordPress. You can read more about it here.

In this basic example the code will output image in page with permalink “contact-us” but won’t do anything if none of the pages will match this criteria.


if ( is_page( array( 'contact-us' ) ) ) {
	// if this is contact page then do this:
	echo '<img src="">';
} else {
	// for other pages you can do something else but this part can be skipped.

This code should be added inside header.php right above original slider and call for action functions.
Make sure to backup your website because things might get nasty in case you do something wrong.

Also make sure to do these changes via Child Theme. Sample Child Theme from here. If you decide to use Child Theme then just copy/paste original header.php file from Parent Theme folder (sparkling folder) to Child Theme folder and edit this file there.

Let me know if this helps.