Google Maps issue

Hi there, I experiment some trouble with “WP Google Maps” as well as the alternative “WP Google Map Plugin”.
It is impossible to get the map on the home page (but it works well on other pages…). It was still working a few days before (many a few weeks, I don’t know exactly when did the problem started).
Any solution ?

Hey there

May I take a look? please provide URL of the website,
How do you add a map to the homepage? in most of the text, element it’s not possible to add shortcodes or HTML tags


In Front Page - Full Width Section > add a widget > (widget) WP Google maps
You will on the home page the text “Map” and under there is nothing… But it used to be some map !
So I changed it to put the map in the footer widget (and it works). I put back the “WP Google Maps” section for you to see the issue.

Hey there

yes, I see, the problem like I said before is sanitized shortcodes and HTML tags, you an only put raw or softly preformatted text but not the HTML tags and shortcodes

Ok. it works on the shapely theme, and it used to work on Illdy but okay…

Hi @thebigjellyfish

Thank you for understanding :slight_smile: