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I have taken the Illdy theme and customized it like a homepage for my small business and I have latest news on the bottom…when I google this exact line Google titles it as “My Blog-My Wordpress Blog” I would like Google to see this as Indie Studio Productions. How can I achieve this?..Any help much appreciate! :slight_smile:

PS the Blog is secondary to my site dont want to be known as a blog site



You can edit the “site title and site tagline” in Settings -> General, also for more SEO operations, You can use some SEO plugin to edit the meta description of your website. Say plugins like Yoast SEO – WordPress plugin | will do the trick.

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I knew about plugins…but I wanted to find out manually…but that does help I have heard people talk about yoast also…but thank again :slight_smile:


Glad we helped. :slight_smile:

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