google webmaster tools - structured data errors

Hi, I’ve signed into google webmaster tools, and it says I have several structured data errors (under search appearance), mostly:
Missing: updated
Missing: author
I don’t really understand what this is, but a lot of forums I searched said it is a theme issue, and I should include some code such as this “<span class=”entry-date updated”><?php echo get_the_date(); ?></span>”

Where can I find where to put this? I don’t see anything about “get date” or “author” in the single.php.

Thanks for your help!

There are several changes in theme that needs to be addresses in order to pass Google Webmaster tools structured test with 100% success. These are not crucial SEO/performance related things and won’t affect your Google ranking but are rather “nice to have” things.

All required changes should be done in content-extensions.php file which is located in Theme Folder - Library - Structure.

I have plans to fix most if not all these things in the next theme version. I am currently very busy with my other projects but I hope to get it done within 3-4 weeks time. I hope you don’t mind about that.

Thanks for your reply! I appreciate your updates to this and looking forward to the next version, as well as your new Unite theme!

Btw, Unite already have Webmaster Structured data in place. I made sure to included this structure from very beginning.

Hi, your forum did not allow me to log in anymore for some reason. I had to create new user name rather than use my wordpress one.

I am using your UNITE theme currently but even after several days, google webmaster tools still has structured data errors.

Also, when using page speed insights, i noticed it says ‘Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content’. I am not sure what this means. Is this in relation to the theme? (as I noticed some of the items mention unite theme and bootstrap)

This is not in relation with Bootstrap nor WordPress themes. It is WordPress related thing and there is nothing you can do about it since many of scripts will always be loaded in header no matter what.

Default Unite theme without modifications score 92 on Google PageSpeed Insights (PageSpeed Insights) and it doesn’t get better than that. With CSS and JavaScript minification it could go up to 95 but that’s about it that you can get from WordPress.

Your website score is much lower because of the following things:

  1. You don’t have gzip enabled for your webhosting account. This is a must but no shared hosting offers this. However, You can enable gzip using W3 Total Cache which you have enabled but you haven’t configured it at all, which means that it doesn’t do a thing.
  2. Images are not optimized. You can can use plugin such as WP This won’t affect image quality at all but will make your images much smaller.
  3. Many other things such as (cache expiration) can be set via W3 Total Cache but it requires some knowledge around it.
  4. Your hosting is nowhere near to be perfect. Shared hosting will never come close to well configured VPS, like I have for my theme demo.

As you can see, there is nothing about the theme since it scored 92 (will improve it slightly with the next update) but your website scores only 47 with the same theme but bad setup.

If you are interested I am open for freelance work to optimized your website, if necessary. However, it is impossible to score over 90 if Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook scripts are used but 80/100 shouldn’t be a problem.