Grouping or nesting widgets/sections together?

I’m having problems keeping pieces of my layout together upon page resize. For example, in the team section, you have created a widget that allows room for photos, but not fully formatted html bios - so I inserted a text widget below each name to insert the bio. But when I resize the page, the photos all stack vertically and then text widgets stack vertically beneath - so they don’t stay with their appropriate person. Is there a way to link them together so they stay together? or nest them in some way?

Same issue with services? I want a bulleted list beneath each section - so I had to insert the text/html widget in order to do so… but again, when I resize the page to mobile phone size, the services stack vertically and then the lists stack vertically below and do not match up.


Website here:

I updated the page, so the bio situation doesn’t really apply right now since I just added their bios to the “entry” section - even though I’m unable to format them. I’d ultimately like to be able to break up the bios into paragraphs and use some html formatting, but this will do for now. Still need help added the bullets to the services sections.

Hello @marcee,

I’m having trouble to follow this, but I see that you already added the lists to your services, so you got that fixed?

I will get back to you in the other thread to confirm to what degree the Customize sections strip the HTML syntax.


It’s not fixed because when you resize the page or view on mobile device, the services section separates from the bullet sections. I need the bullets for the first section to stay with the first section, the bullets for the second section to stay with the second section… I made the bullets with the separate hymn widget but it doesn’t stay with the services section. Is there any way to include html in the services entry? And same question for the team entry? Is there a way to put line breaks, paragraph breaks or formatting in the team entries/bios?

Sorry for autocorrect hymn=html (text widget).

Hello @marcee,

I understand the issue now.
We need to investigate to what level you can use HTML inside the widget and most probably improve the fields functionality, if possible.

I’ll get back to you by tomorrow.

Have a great day

Awesome. Thank you so much!