H1, H2 tags for Widgets


As it turns out, shapely has many H1 and H3 tags but no H2 on the main page widgets. Or at least I didn’t stumble upon any one of them by any chance in the ones I’ve used. Thus, the seo score estimation is lowered with no H2 titles present. I would like to change the Contact Section widgets “Contact Us” title from H1 attribute to H2 and searched all over the forum but couldn’t find an exact explanation on how to do it.

My site can be seen here www.catcryptobot.com and I have a lot of bitcoin bots to defeat in serp, therefore I need every little possibility in that site :slight_smile:

Hello? Anybody in here? :slight_smile:

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

As it relates to he header tags, the y will not affect your SEO too much because there are many SEO features used in the theme.

In order to change the tags from h1 to h2 you would have to edit the theme files directly via Appearance > Editor and change all the instances of h1 tags that you do not want manually.

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