Hambuerger menu not working on blog posts


Thanks for a great theme. We just launched our website and we have discovered some bugs. The menu on mobile, the hamburger menu works for all pages, but on the blog posts pages it dosen’t work at all. For example https://pebblespilates.com/top-3-differences-between-yoga-and-pilates/


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Is this already fixed? i can’t replicate the problem you reported in the ticket, hamburger menu is working fine for me??
Colorlib Support Team


No it’s not fixed. When on mobile. Go to startpage, the hamburger menu to blog. Then when on blog you can’t click on the hamburger menu. Same when you go from front page → blog → blog post. There the hamburger menu is not working either.
I’ve test both on safari and chrome, iPhone7.


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works on an android device but anyway, can you try to deactivate all your third party plugins?
start this process from autoptimize plugin :wink:

Hello, it was the autoptimize the was bugging. However, now the hamburger menu works across the site, but not on the Blog Posts. The main Blog page works, but not the posts. It’s also some weird auto scroll down to the middle of the page when you go to the blog posts on mobile. Do you know what that is and how to remove it? Maybe it has something to do with that the hamburger menu dosen’t work on mobile, when on blog posts…



Yes, i noticed this scroll, definitely this is not from the theme, please do it once again, deactivate all third party plugins and check again, also, make sure you are not using any modifications in the theme and you are on the latest version of theme and plugins