"Hamburger" Menu

Hi Liz,

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I’m sorry that I’m posting to the wrong theme category and hijacking someone’s question but for the life of me I am unable to start a new topic. Every time I try I get a security error or the 404 error. It’s been happening for a couple of weeks now. But I can see people posting new topics every day so it must be something on my end.

Could you please try logging out and logging in from this website?

Also try clearing your browser cache or temporary using different browser.

My question: Is there a way to make the hamburger menu appear with wider width? I mean when I narrow my webpage the menu goes along and then at one point some of the menu items switch rows making my menu header two rows wide. And after narrowing the page even more the hamburger menu finally arrives. So, can I change when the hamburger takes over the regular menu?

I can see you have created the below topic for it so let’s resolve it there.


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