Having problems saving settings in Theme Options

hello there, I’ve got problem here :smiley:
I can’t save the theme options. After I change the setting of featured slider, when I click ‘Save All Changes’, the page is redirect to the homepage, and the setting isn’t saved. What should I do ? Thank you. :slight_smile:

Redirection back to main page of Theme Options is expected behavior since these pages on top are actually tabs instead of separate pages.
First of all you will have to set Number of Slides, then save changes and it will bring you back to first page. Then navigate back to Featured Slider settings again and add IDs and save again.

What browser do you use? I have tested in on Chrome, Safari, FF but all are on Mac.
This is strange since no one have reported this issue but theme is used by over 40,000 users.

I’m using FF on Windows. Few days ago, I have changed some configuration of .htaccess, I think that is the problem. Well, thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:

By the way, its awesome theme :slight_smile: