Head menu and footer

Hi, I am having two issues (attaching an image) on my website www.marinaficcio.com

1- I can’t see the arrow from my pages on the top, beside “um dia na vida”
2 - For the copyright on the bottom (footer) I used the following code but is not really in the center, is more for the right of the screen, is there some code to fix it?
@media (min-width: 768px){
.site-info.col-sm-6 {width: 65%;text-align: right;}
width: 35%;

Thank you!

Another question,
I used this following code for take off the white space between header and white space before footer, it worked but only on the home page, how do I do for make it work on all of the pages of my website?

.content-area.pt0 {
padding: 0;

Thank you again


  1. For arrows please follow this post: https://colorlibsupport.com/t/dropdown-menu-doesnt-show-correct-icon/#post-118897
  2. Use this Custom CSS to center the text,
.site-info .copyright-text {
    left: -10%;
  1. Can you give us a link to the page where you want to remove the gap?

Let us know,


Hi Iaranz,

Thanks for your help, but didn’t work it.

  1. I added the code (as seen on the attach image) to the .htaccess file and I still cannot see the arrow on my website www.marinaficcio.com

  2. This code worked perfect for center the text, but it only center it while I see my website through the desktop, when I see it on my phone the text is not on the center (as seen on the attach image)

  3. I didn’t finished my website but the only page that I don’t see the gaps is on the home page, and on the others pages I see the white gaps and I would like to take off the gaps from all pages to be like the home page, following ex.
    Here I don’t see the gap > http://www.marinaficcio.com/
    Here I see the gap > http://www.marinaficcio.com/um-dia-na-vida-familia-santos-martins/
    Here I see the gap > http://www.marinaficcio.com/publicacoes-jornal-dci/

Thank you, I appreciate your help.