Header Adsense Overlayed with "Loading"

I have set up Adsense and it is loading ads. However, on the desktop the header ad is still overlayed with “loading”. You can see the ad through the overlay, but it isn’t clickable. I’ve tried a number of things and looked for solutions, but nothing seems to work. On mobile this isn’t a problem. My site is www.storynosh.com

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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In reference to your query here, could you possibly give it some time. In most cases this happens if your site is not yet verified.

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Thanks for your response. My site is new, but my adsense and google analytics are verified. I have noticed three other symptoms that might help figure this out.

First, this only seems to happen in Firefox, not in Chrome. In MS Edge the loading overlay covers the top 1/4 of the ad. In Chrome, it overlays the top 1/4 of the ad image, but then disappears.

Second, in Firefox if I resize the window to a mobile width, then resize to a desktop width, the loading overlay goes away. So something is going wrong at the point that the ad is received. It looks like when the ad is received, the styling of the p tag with class of “adsense__loading” is supposed to be set to display:none, probably using jQuery. But that isn’t happening in Firefox or Edge.

A little more information: In the console I’m getting two errors related to google adsense.
The first is
SyntaxError: expected expression, got ‘<’ www.storynosh.com:138:1". That line is simply a br tag.

The second is
uncaught exception: TagError: adsbygoogle.push() error: Only one 'enable_page_level_ads' allowed per page.
My guess is that this is the problem. How might I fix this error?

Thanks again for looking at this.

Quick update: I was able to deal with the second error, but it didn’t fix the problem.


Sorry, but i see only this on your website, looks like its not accessible right now:

This site can’t be reached
The connection was reset.

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Hello @janith634,

Thanks for your post but it does not seem to be very clear.

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Nor is it particularly helpful in solving this particular problem, which I’m still having. Above I think I figured out where to problem is coming from, I’m just not sure what to do to actually fix it.

Here is how I finally fixed it. I opened up template-parts/banner/banner-adsense.php. I commented out line 17 and the code inside the php tags on the same line, like so…

	<!-- <p class="adsense__loading"><span><?php //echo esc_html__( 'Loading', 'newspaper-x' ); ?></span></p> -->

Then it just doesn’t even show the loading bit at all.

Once I figured that out I copied all that to my child theme.

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