Header element on Activello site not appearing across Elementor pages


I’m not able to see my header element on the Elementor pages, nor am I able to customise the header!

I want to use the plugins Header Footers Template for Elementor, but this plugin is again not compatible with Activello. Would it be possible to get this plugin supported for activello? I believe this is the way for that: https://github.com/Nikschavan/header-footer-elementor/wiki/Adding-Header-Footer-Elementor-support-for-your-theme

The page with which I have an issue is: https://www.alifeintravel.com/home/

I want it to have the header as on all my other pages: www.alifeintravel.com

Many Thanks!

Hi @alifeintravel,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I can see the header on the shared page same as other pages as shown in the attached screenshot.

Could you please tell me a bit more in detail what header element you want to display by sharing its screenshot so that
I can help you?

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Apologies, the page was private - I have updated again.

The element that is missing is the header/primary navigation menu.

Could the support for Elementor Header Footer be added to the theme?

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Attached screenshot.

Please note that this is a home page create specifically for this purpose, and its address is https://www.alifeintravel.com/home/

To access the other pages, the address is https://www.alifeintravel.com

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Hello - was wondering if there were any updates on this?

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Hi there

Sorry for the delay :frowning:
Dear @alifeintravel unfortunately not all plugins can be compatible for the particular theme and its even not possible to make theme that is compatible with all plugin, even with most famous plugin compatibility is not possible, in this case there is a 2 way to sol such conflicts you have to fint another plugin which is theme compatible or customize theme to make it compatible, in the second case probably you have to hire someone
I hope you understand us