Header/featured images suddenly do not fit anymore


I’ve set a featured image for every page and they were all fine but now all of a sudden they don’t fill the entire width of the page anymore. See any page on my website for example: https://thijsbroekkamp.com/landscapes/
So before they were stretched out over the entire width and now all of a sudden there is blank space on either side of the images. How can I solve this?

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Have you made any changes to the theme or WordPress before this issue occurred?

Also, Please go to Dashboard > Update and ensure that you have installed all the updates available there for WordPress, the theme and the plugins.

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Yes I made changes to worpress but there are many, so I can’t remember which one…
I’ve updated everything

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You can use the following CSS code to change the header size by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

/*Header size*/
header#header {
    background-size: cover !important;

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That seems to work, thanks a lot!

Can I ask a different question here or do I have to open new topic?

I can’t seem to paste shortcode in my posts page. I’m not sure if it is a question for the theme or wordpress. I can paste shortcode on any of the pages but on the posts page there is no field for that, see printscreen. Hope you can help me with this as well! Thanks for the fast support anyways :slight_smile:

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yes, i know what it is,
You cant use that page for shortcodes because its set as a blog page from settings > reading you will see here, your page is set as a blog page, this is how WordPress works :slight_smile:

Ah ok I understand, made a different page the posts page now :slight_smile:
Do you also know how I get the sidebar to show with posts categories, tags etc? I only want it to show on the post page and no other page on the site.

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In order to have the post categories and tags appear in the side bar you need to go to Appearance > Widgets > Sidebar and add the widgets to the side bar that you want to have displayed.

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But I can’t choose on which exact page I want it. For example if I do it in the page sidebar, it appears on all single pages. But I only want it on one specific page.

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“t appears on all single pages. But I only want it on one specific page.” - this functionality can be achieved only with third-party plugins @thijsbroekkamp you cant manage sidebars on such a detailed level, you need plugin to achieve this goal