Header & Footage Issues

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Thank you for the amazing theme!

Im in desperate need of assistance, the header and footer do not adjust on mobile (iPhone 6) , see image of code used and of mobile, site is http://langebergteels.co.za.

Thank you for your assistance

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In order for code to work on mobile, you MUST apply media quires for the best results.
Here’s a compilation of media queries for apple devices, which should be applied to other devices as well.
Simply place the code meant for mobile in between the braces as shown in the code snippets.

Link: http://stephen.io/mediaqueries/

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Thank you very much for the information provided. I just tried adding some now but it had no effect.
Could you possibly give me a example of how you would place the code?

Thank you for your assistance

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Upon investigating the issue, the problem with the header is the image itself, It is not centered as you can see here:

To fix this edit the image and have the logo centered, it should render properly on mobile when scaled.

In regards to the footer.

I’m also seeing that footer content isn’t centered.
Here’s some CSS to center the footer content which would apply to mobile as well.

/center footer text/
div#sfsi-widget-2 {
text-align: center;

/center social icons/
.sfsi_widget, div#sfsi_wDiv, .norm_row.sfsi_wDiv{
width: 100% !important;
margin-left: auto ;
margin-right: auto ;

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Thank you so much for replying so quickly,
Is there a specific size that you would recommend when resizing the logo? I used the dimensions specified when uploading the image of 1900 x 225?

Once again thank you so much for the assistance

Thank you very much for the CSS that worked perfectly.

I am still having issues with the header, I centered the image and it still isn’t working correctly.
Please images attached, with iphone its so far right that it doesn’t display, same issue with android tablet.
After centering the image on my Mac its far right and on a standard desktop its off centre right?
I would really appreciate some assistance.
Looking forward to your response!