Header image and menu help

My site it not live yet. I’m trying to do it locally before I do my upload. Please help me with the three issues I’m trying to finalize.

  1. The header image gray border shows the image is smaller unless I use your recommend size. I rather change the color of the gray border within the header image, if possible. If not, how can I at least change the gray color so it does not look funny with my white background image.

  2. The navigation menu is on the far right and I wanted to align it to the left of the page. Is that possible?

  3. I want to align the Mysite.com All rights reserved. to the left at the footer. Is that possible?

Thanks for you help in completing my website. Your theme is fantasic and I’m looking forward to the mobile update so it looks a little cleaner.

It is impossible to help you with these things unless you website is live. It depends on how you have configured your theme via Theme Options and via other WordPress configuration options.

For instance header image (logo) is in-line with menu items, so there is no way to float them to the left side.

There is custom menu in the left side of footer, so there is no place to float copyright information.

However, this things can be done but they require completely different approach from one setup to another.

Here is my site live which is a testing site until I do my upload:


I still don’t under how to align my Navigation Menu for the Home, Teams, About, and Feedback. I don’t want it on the right side of the screen. How can I align that to the left?

I uploaded my header logo to show you it does not wrap around the gray border. Can I change the color to blend or do I need to resize the image?