Header image doesn't display the same on different window sizes.

Hello ,
I am using Illdy theme for my website .
My issue is that my header images don’t display as they are supposed to. When i change the size of my window/screen some parts of the pictures i don’t want to see appears.
My URL is: https://purs-delices.com

Here are some screen shots.

I would like the page to look like the first attachment picture when the size of the window is either taking the full screen of my computer or reduced.

Appreciate any help.



Hey there

Thank you for question :slight_smile:
The problem is in your images Sy, they are a portrait (Tall, not even rectangular) images and its impossible to cover the screen without sacrificing important parts of the image, try to use wider, landscape images

Hello Noda,

Thank you for your quick response.
The image on the first screenshot is perfect. This screenshot has been taken with full screen size of my internet browser.
My issue is that when i reduce the size of my internet browser window as shown on the second screenshot details around the object such as legs of the table, surface where the table is placed and so on appear.
I just would like the picture to show the same way either my browser window is in full size or reduced size.



Hello Sy

Well, this is physically not possible, screens are different, computers use wide screens when mobile phone use portrait screens if the picture fits on pc screen there is a big chance that you will not be satisfied with the mobile screens, the key factor here is to choose a better background image without main character on it