Header image gone

After i have changed the Permalinks to year, month and name it doen’t show the header image anymore in the different pages. On the homepage everything seems normal.

My header images are gone as well but I didn’t change any permalinks. It was after I updated. I tried deleting them and reapplying them in the customizer and that didn’t work either.

Same problem here… After the update, there are no more header images.

Allready any solutions?

Hello @all,

Due to the extensive requests to have dedicated pages and posts header images, this had been added in the last theme update.

If you don’t want to go and set up pictures for every page or post, you can just de-select the option in Appearances > Customize > Jumbotron.

That’s a pretty neat feature! I almost feel like that should be unchecked by default though so as not to break current websites.

Maybe having a default photo and then having the post ‘featured image’ override the default photo would be better?

Anyways I’m excited to use it! Thanks for adding it!

Thanks for the kind words.

Yes you are right, the box should not be checked by default and all this issue would have been skipped…

Back to a new update, it seems.

Best regards