Header image not responsive in Opera/Firefox.

The header image pre-cropped to 300x76 appears very large and is not responsive in Opera or Firefox. Works well in Safari and Chrome. It appears but carry off the browser window. If I expand the browser I can see the whole image. Is there a simple way to get the image to appear normal in those browsers?

I did try adding the following to the Theme-Options-Other-CSS.

#site-title a img {
width: 100%;

Please post your website for review.

Also check it on mobile and not by resizing your desktop browser because it is similar but not the same thing. For example no one uses Firefox and Opera on iOS, Android or Windows Phone, so probably you are trying to fix something that will never happen in real-life usage.

Thanks fro the quick reply. I may have worded the problem incorrectly. The header image does not display properly in Firefox or Opera. It actually has nothing to do with resizing the browser. It happens the first time you go to the site, if that makes any sense.

The site is rollyblades.com

Thanks for the quick reply. I may not have stated the problem correctly. The header image is not showing up the correct size in Firefox or Opera, even if the browser is never resized. Immediately upon visiting the site the image is not displayed correctly.

The site is www.rollyblades.com.


Add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS.

#logo img {
	width: 100%;

Let me know if this works for you.

Works great, thanks again!