Header image resize

Hi there

Love your theme. Starting the learning process of wordpress so I apologise for the basic question. I have uploaded an image for the header using the suggested 1018x250 size. I want the image to occupy the entire header width (i.e. no white gaps), how can I extend this image? I have a child theme already created.

My working site is www.iliveeasy.co.uk

Thanks again


You have uploaded Logo, not Header Image, there is a huge difference between those. Please upload Header Image via WordPress Dashboard - Appearance - Heading and start tweaking from there.

It was that easy!

Keep up the great work.


I’m glad I could help (:

Can you help me out as I want to upload logo in my website in the header image but when I am uploading logo it is leaving to much space in both center so can you help.Any help will be appreciated.


It really depends on your preferences and you have to tweak CSS accordingly. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and it is matter of tweaking.

If you can post your website URL and some screenshot how you would like it to look, I might try to help tweaking your CSS.