Header image

Hi - love Travelify, especially after the latest update. Keep it up!

But - is there a way that pages can have different, fixed Header images? I need to specify an image per page like I can in Twenty Eleven, but can’t see how to do it.

Many thanks,


Since this theme have Custom header by default you can use plugin like this to replace it per-post basis. That way you can set one global header image and then change it separately on each post.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

Hi Algars - that’s ideal, thanks, and thanks for such a quick response.

Does the Text Over function not work in Travelify?

Thanks again - great service!

What is Text Over function?

Hi again - that plug in also include a header text over image options that doesn’t appear when used in Travelify - unless I’, doing something wrong!

Many thanks again,


I am not really familiar with this plugin and you might want to ask what plugin developer have to say about it.