Header Items changed since last Wordpress / Shapely update


i bulk update Wordpress and other Plugins from time to time. Since the last update (i think i updated both wordpress and shapely) 2-4 weeks ago, the items of the top header don’t fit anymore on the Desktop page.

The URL of my website is:

There used to be 7 items in the top header, now only 5 are displayed. (all 7 are correctly displayed on the mobile page in the hamburger menu). If you play around with the website zoom, it is shortly visible that the last 2 items jumped into a second row below the header.

Is there a quick fix to this, or a certain update that i can roll back?

Thank you for your help and this phenomenal theme,

Hey there

This is what I have right now: Screenshot by Lightshot is this problem already resolved?

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Thank you for your reply.

Exactly, as you can see in your screenshot there are only 5 items (‘Titelseite’, ‘Galerie’, … etc) displayed in the top header, the last 2 jumped into the second row below. This problem still exists. Before the latest updates, all 7 items have been displayed correctly in the header on the Desktop site.

I currently don’t know how to fix this problem without tinkering around with the CSS, which i probably shouldn’t do with a template like that.

Thank you for your help,

Any updates yet on how i can solve this problem?

Hey Dan

Well, I can’t agree with you, there are only 6 menu elements right now and they are all displayed without any problem, you can check this here: Screenshot by Lightshot

would you mind providing a screenshot from your side to see the problem?


thanks for the reply. Yeah, i changed it yesterday, so that all the necessary items are displayed on the desktop site. If i change it to the previous seven items, only 5 are displayed.

Your first screenshot describes the problem perfectly, you can only see 5 items on it, even though i selected all 7 items for the menu, and you can find the missing 2 items on the way the site is currently build.

Thanks for your help,

Hi Dan

If 7 menu item is a priority for you I can help with that, please enable it again and I can generate custom CSS to fix it

Please note, usually we are working only on weekdays