Header logo disappear !

Dear Aigar

Yesterday I changed the header logo (in the theme options) but suddenly after I changed it, there was no logo image appeared in my header anymore! Then i thought that it might be because my new logo got some issue so I changed it back to use the old logo but it still didn’t work!

Please kindly help me out it is really important for me.

My website is www.hempmethee.com

If you go to my website above you will see that there is an empty box on the top left which should be the location of the header logo.

Best regards
Methee Wu

I am certain that this feature has no issues. It is partly handled by WordPress Media and theme does only the attaching part. Here is how simple code is for this part of the theme.

<img src="<?php echo $options[ 'header_logo' ]; ?>" alt="<?php echo esc_attr( get_bloginfo( 'name', 'display' ) ); ?>">

It is difficult to investigate from visitors side but I see that URL to the actual file is missing.

Make sure that you see an actual URL in Logo Upload field like this:

You can see that Travelify supports images linked directly from any resource, even your website.

Dear Aigar

Thank you very much. I fixed it now.
I fixed it by copying the link of my image and paste directly into it.

It seems my WordPress may got some problem as normally i could just click on insert my image and the logo would automatically inserted. I will reireinstalling my WordPress again possibly and hopefully it will solve this problem for long-term.

Thanks again for your very fast support!
The theme is great and the support is great too!

Methee Wu