Header Menu Font and Background

I used the following code to change the top menu text to white and the background to black

nav#site-navigation {
background: #F5F5F5;
nav#site-navigation a {
color: #fff;

However, I have a couple links on a sub-menu that drops down when you hover over the main menu item. Those still have a white background with white text and are not readable. Is there a solution?

Hi @lagregorphoto,

Yes, is a solution, give me your url to check and see if I could provide you the css to change.



i did use sticky menu plugin in order to set the header scroll down ,
but is there anyway to make abackground to the menu ?
the previous code didin’t work to me iam using illdy theme…
and one more thing

there’s little free space on the right also in the footer when view on mobile how can i fix that ?

url www.lavie-resort.net

Hello there,

Thanks for the link.

When I checked the page, the menu items do not have sub menus, did you remove the sub menu items?

Best Regards,