Header/menu not floating anymore


I’m quite a newbee when it comes to wordpress. Nevertheless, I’m struggling my way through it all and trying to setup my business’ page. The Shapely theme is looking very promising!

Anyway to the question: I’ve been messing around and for some reason, the header does not float anymore. I believe this is a standard feature and either I overlooked the option to re-enable it to floating, or I really did something wrong and now I can’t get it back to float.

the site url is www.dekatviseur.be.

I also have a second question: is it possible to add text next to the logo? Right now I’ve used an image instead of text but I’d like to do both.

Hi there,
Thanks for writing in.
In relation to your query here, your site seems to be under maintenance mode. Could you perhaps provide us with some temporary access credentials so that we can check into this.
As for your second question, unfortunately that would require quite some custom work of which is beyond the scope of our support. I would recommend services from Envato Studio (https://colorlib.com/out/envatostudio) on this.

I look forward to your reply.
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Hi. Thanks for responding.

How would providing temporarily credentials work? Setting up a guest account through WordPress and sending it to you by PM?


I decided to start over again from scratch and this time not using the demo content but going through the video steps provided in the Shapely documentation.

Thank you anyway!


So, is everything better now? :slight_smile:

Yes it is!

One other question though, but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to ask here: I’m using the Jetpack Social Icons widget. RIght now it’s activated in footer 2 area but I’d like it to be aligned to the right, as you can see on my page. How can do this?

Good morning

Sorry, but they can not be moved to the right because they are in the footer columns :frowning:

Ok I think I’m becoming crazy…

The floating header works on every page except home/front page. I have no clue.

Ugh… It’s ok again :slight_smile:

You are welcome, buddy :slight_smile:
I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!