Header Menu - Problem on IE and Edge

Hi everyone,
I’m using the sparkling theme, and everything is fine using Firefox or Chromium-based browsers.
Using current Internet Explorer or Edge the Header Menu - Dropdown isn’t working correctly; also the background color within the dropdown is not working properly.
It can be seen at the demo page Demo Page or on my page at My Homepage.

I have already seen, that there were similar problems with other colorlib themes but I hadn’t found an entry for the sparkling theme.
I thank you in advance for the help.

Kind regards,

i guess there is some issue with your browser it is working perfectly fine on my internet explorer.

Hi again,

found the problem within the following thread:

The theme uses the pseudo class focus-within which leads to the unwanted behavior of the navigation bars.
So I splitted every CSS line within the #Navigation part of the Style.css having a focus-within and copied the result to additional CSS.

So I have a workaround for now. Normally I would recommend to update the theme, but since further development of IE and “the old Edge” is stopped, maybe this is not necessary

Kind regards,

Hi Metallica88

Thank you for sharing solution, this problem several times appeared here and we fixed it by custom CSS, now we are waiting for the theme update with the fix of this problem