Header, nav bar, related post issues

Hi! I’m having a few issues on my site wand***.com:

  1. When viewing my site on a desktop/fullscreen, the nav bar ends, leaving blank space on the right hand side. How do I get it to stretch out to whatever size the site is being viewed in?

  1. As you can see in the above photo, the header image has a similar issue - I uploaded the recommended size (1900 × 225 pixels) however it stays at full size, so when the site is viewed in a window smaller than a fullscreen desktop, the header is not centred or resized accordingly. How do I get it to resize according to the window size?

  2. How can I get the drop down menu to show page titles horizontally instead of vertically?

  1. The related posts (I’m using Jetpack) show at the bottom of posts in ‘customise’, but not once I save and view site. I have tried disabling all plugins, but they still will not show.

Thanks for your help!


  1. Please try this Custom CSS in Appearance -> Customize -> Advance CSS,
.nav-container {
    border-bottom: 1px solid rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);
  1. Header image is full size when I am looking at the website you gave, for now I saw a big logo in the header, http://take.ms/KBTTg try some other image and check?

  2. It is not possible, it needs a lot of CSS changes.

  3. We have by default one related posts area, you can check that in Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Single Post Settings. If you want me to check the Jetpack related post, please pass us the WP Login details in a Private reply.

Let us know,


Thanks for the fast reply! The CSS worked to solve the first issue.

The issue with the header is when the site is viewed in a smaller window, I have tried different images with the same result. You will see the issue if you view the site in a window half of the screen size shown in your photo.

I tried the default related post area but had further issues with it, so opted for Jetpack. Login details are wanderingnarrator password: 321Boys!

Thanks again for all your help!

In addition to the above, could you please tell me how I can have the header image shown on the front page but none of the others? Thanks!

Hello, can you please have the above post deleted (or just the screenshots) - when I uploaded the photos I didn’t realise that they would come up on a google search of my site and I’d like them not to be visible. Thanks for your help!


CAn you check again? cant delete uploaded screenshots but they are not linked to your website

When I tried to reset my password it created a new account for me (the one I’m using now) and I can’t access the old one! They are both for my website as you can see from the links provided in the post. Not sure how else to go about logging in, as I’m sure I used the same email for both accounts


I cant check your account, :frowning:
you can register new with the new email address if you want
Is your question answered regarding google search?