.header-navigation visited not working - am I missing somehting?


I am trying to style my top header navigation so that visited items turn a specific colour. I have managed to make this modification to the top header navigation when it is in the .is-sticky mode, but the regular static top header is eluding me.

I am trying the following CSS but it’s not working…

#header .top-header .header-navigation ul li a:visited {

I’ve attached video outlining the issue. As you can see, when clicking on a top header navigation item it auto scrolls to the corresponding section, when scrolling back up to the top the visited menu item is a different colour to the one specified above in the CSS.

Can you advise on how to fix this?



This issue was resolved by using :focus instead of :visited. Please correct me if I am going about this the wrong way.


Thank you for informing us Dan :slight_smile: