Header space removal


I have seen many posts about how to shorten the height of the header area. None of the answers seems to work for me. This might be because I am using a different page instead of the “Frontpage”. What I have done is created a new header image but when logo is turned off and the new header image is inserted it appears to leave a rather large space above and possibly below the header image. I would like to get rid of that space so that only the header image is showing.

It appears the area above the header is shorter than than the header image area and there are also bars on each side. If the area above the header is somehow removed then it might appear that the bars on each side would remain. Thats just from my observation using ‘inspector’ in firebug. However, I am not totally versed in website design. :slight_smile:

Attached is a picture of the website showing the enlarged header area



Hi Coffee,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I visited your site and it seems you managed to remove the extra header space.

Please advise.

Kind Regards,