Header transparency issue

I am having trouble getting the main nav bar to be transparent.

I have read similar posts here, can’t seem to get anything to work.

Below is my custom CSS section, which I’ve tried to apply from other posts here.

I also understand that the header is showing White, because my background color is white, but my background color can’t seem to be changed to transparent?

#site-navigation .search-widget-handle {
display: none;
nav#site-navigation {
background: transparent;
border: 0;


Hi there

I can help with this, please provide URL of your website and I will check it.

P.s. remove that code


It is www.mksy.xyz

I have also removed the additional css, although note I’d also like to remove the search icon from the header. That is in addition to having a transparent header.

thank you for the help!

Hi there

Im sorry to say but looks like there is no easy (CSS) way to make this header transparent, it will require modification of the main theme files and layout.
The code you posted in the first message is for different thing