Headerlink drop down clickable


I’d like to make primary link in the header menu clickable.
i already edited the navwalker in order to do have the good href info, but can’t get the link to work and i don’t understand why.
see here : https://nasdy.website/mrtermite2/, by example “Les nuisibles” link or “Nos expertises”

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Have you added any new code to the header section of the theme?

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Yes, in my header.php in my child theme.
When I roll back to dazzling parent header ,the problem is the same

Yes my theme supports header.php
when i was drag down menu’s still stick top
check it here: https://tutreal.com

Ok, gotcha !
It’s a bootstrap dropdown problem.
In order to work, it just need to have a class “disable” on it.
I fi put it throught the menu class in the customizer it’s the li element that hae the class,
so in order to add it to he a element, i edited the dazzling inc/navwalker.php here :
if ( $args->has_children && $depth === 0 ) {
$atts[‘href’] = ! empty( $item->url ) ? $item->url : ‘’;
$atts[‘data-toggle’] = ‘dropdown’;
$atts[‘class’] = ‘dropdown-toggle disabled’;/* add the class to the a element */
} else {
$atts[‘href’] = ! empty( $item->url ) ? $item->url : ‘’;