help change text color menu homepage


everything alright.

I have my website ready.
but the only thing I don’t get right is the text color of the menu on the homepage.
its now white and when move the mouse its red.
but I want the text color black
could you please help me for the last time?

I don,t have this in my dashboard.
when I go to cutomize I read only extra css and can’t do anything.
Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

You can add the CSS to Extra CSS, simply copy and paste the code there then save the changes.

/Menu item color/
#header .top-header .header-navigation ul li a {
color: #000;

/Menu item Hover color/#header .top-header .header-navigation ul li:hover a {
color: #ffde00;

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