Help finding a plugin to get this done


i have been looking for hours on the web, but to be honest, i dont know if i am looking in the right direction. What i want is this:

  • have a dropdown field with few options in it and aside of this dropdown there is a button “ok” and when u select something
    from that dropdown and click ok, it would redirect you to a certain url on your website.

what should i look for? Or something like this does not exist and it needs to be coded manualy.

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This is a feature that can be hard to find but plugin would make it easy for you to implement it into the website.
Here are a few options the you can look into:

I hope this helps.

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Thank you.

I’ll have a look at them and report back.


Hello @heki,

I hope you find a suitable plugin for this feature implementation.
Please keep us posted on the results.

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in the end i went and created a jquery script and call this script on a button click. I make by hand the dropdown selection and now this selection returns a value. Than a simple if statement is used in jquery to go to a differend url …


Awesome great to see you got that achieved.

Please advise if you have more questions.

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