Help - homepage slider!


Been away for a couple of weeks and come back to find the slider not working on my site.

I don’t believe I changed anything - I have upgraded the theme to the latest version but changed no other settings - what did I miss?


Javascript somehow doesn’t recognize the right slider class. Not sure why.

Since you haven’t done any code customizations to theme I would recommend to reinstall this theme. Just remove it completely and install it again. All posts/pages and other content will be still in place as well as any customizations done via Theme Options will be saved.

Let me know if this helps.

Deleted the theme, re-downloaded and re-installed, cleared browser cache (just in case!) and am getting the same problem :frowning:

Try to disable all plugins and see if that does anything. There might be some JavaScript conflicts between plugins.

That’s fixed it, thanks for that! Disabled them all, then re-enabled the ones I needed - everything seems fine - interesting! Appreciate the help!!