Help: How to Change Blog Page Format


I would like to change the blog page (posts page) to be JUST squares of featured images with the title. Like a clean version where you don’t see text and just see the pics to click to go to the blogs, or you have a suuuuper abbreviated summary (I have tried all the theme options for the post page and nothing seems to make a difference). The way it is now seems so cluttered.

Examples: www.peek (-) couns (-) (remove the (-) when typing website. I just don’t want this to get picked up for their SEO.

Can you help? Thank you!

Hey there

Blog page appearance can be changed from appearance > customize > Blog Settings > Blog Index Settings
And here you can set your blog page layout style, you can choose from grid, large image and grid, and large image and grid. i think you need to set plain grid layout to receive results like you explained
" suuuuper abbreviated summary" - You can use read more tag in the wordpress posts, check this link:

Let me know if i answered on your question

Sorry no…

I literally have that box checked, but the blog page is still showing text. Help? Here is page:

http://rodgers (-) couns (-) ------------------> (remove the (-)

This is it set at “grid only” I also tried large images and the image and grid and cannot achieve the results as it still has full text everywhere… help? Thank you. Shapely theme.

Thank you so much in advance! (and by the way are you saying to use read more tag in every post and then would be the image and just short text or no text?) If so, hoping there is a way to do it without spending so much time doinhg that on each one. Thank you again in advance.

Hi There

Sorry but your website doesnot works:

This site can’t be reached
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Kimmy, yes, you have to use read more in all posts if you want to have brief summaries and not such a long, this is default function in WordPress and there is no other way to handle this task without read more tags :frowning:

Bummer. Okay thank you. Can you also please delete your response where you list his website URL? I was trying to keep that private and off the forum and SEO searches which is why I wrote the URL that way. Can you just delete your first message and thank you for read more tag info. Quick Q - what about a plug-in hat might auto add it for me? Any thoughts on that? Thank you.

HI Kimmy

I marked my response as a private, so only we can see that message but just if you feel more comfortable i will delete it :slight_smile:
Regarding plugin, I’m not sure if such plugin exists by default all bloggers know about “read more” tag and they use it pretty much often

Let me know if you have any other questions or if i can close this case