Help: How to create two post pages in Activello

Hi everybody, I’m Arturo and my wife and I are working on a website for her. Here is the page

Here is my question: What I want to do is to have one page for every category of the posts I write. For example, If i write a rewiew and include it in the category “Articulos” it should appear in the “Articulos” page, and if I write another post in the cathegory “Recomendaciones” I want to appear in the Category “recomendaciones”. I can’t find where to do this in the theme, I only have one page and can’t find how to add another.

How can i do that?
Thank you

Hi @jariveras,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

The WordPress automatically creates pages for categories which you can visit on the following URLs.

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