help my frontpage is gone

please help me.
I have something do wrong, but I don’t know what.
i,am almost blind and work 2 weeks on my site and now is everything gone.

I don’t know but my front page sections is gone.
please see attachment. so it was before.
everything in the map front page sections is there and the green button is on of everything, but not working anymore.
now is my front page, hello world and my footers.

so please help me with it, I don’t it any more and I very sad know snik snik

best regards,

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

The images you provided seems fine but that was the before the issue.
Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

Best Regards,


thank you.
could you send me a email to [email protected]?
than I send you the link so you could look.
otherwise everybody can I my website.



Hello there,

You can create a private post here so that only I can see the link. When you are creating a response simply use the button titled “Set as private reply”.

Best Regards,


I have the problem solved. a friend of my soft it.

but a another question.

is it possible to change the text color of the footer 4?
the letters are now black and I want it white
and of the menu at the home page? home is white and the other pages are black.


sorry again.

the mobile version of this template is not looking nice.
on the phone and iPad is not nice.
is there a solutions for?

sorry my last question.

the website is almost finished and thats for your nice template I will donatie to you.

but as example on the page links, projecten enz all the links are yellow now.
I want that in a different color because this like not nice.
is that possible?
iell hope so because my site is for people with very bad eyes.

this was the last I,ll hope haha

thanks and regards,