help - my posts doaes not update live, and my slider is gone - Activello

Im going crazy here.

  1. My posts only is visible when i am logged in-mode. In real life nothing happens… No updates happens for real, just when im in logged in mode. I cant make new posts och update my site!!!

  2. My slider is gone. Its ON but not showing.

A friend of mine checked someting out in my footer section HTML, and it happened after that. I REALLY need help, since i know nothing about codes. The friend does not understand what happend eather…

How can i get it right???

Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

If you made modifications to the parent theme files, I suggest reinstalling the theme.
You won’t lose any post information or pages.
Simply uninstall and reinstall the theme.
I suggest doing a backup of the website before doing this.

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i did that. nothing changed.
the posts gets published somewhere but not on frontpage were they should. liked they used to.
also the slider is all gone. it only shoees up when i am inlogged mode.

also updates i do doesnt go live. i just se them when logged in.

Hello there,

The posts may be assigned to another page so go to Settings > Reading > Your homepage displays and check to see if the posts page is assigned to a different page.

As for the slider please use the following plugin to delete your WordPress cache:

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