Help Refreshing CSS Version

Hi, I am using sparkling free theme, and the css is not being refreshed by the browser on the client device.
When this happens on a PC I can hit Ctrl+F5 and it reloads the most recent css.
But in phones, it won’t refresh until I delet all cache files in the phone.
I tried several methods to fix this, like adding a ?ver= number, but I found that the theme already adds a version, and this number won’t change. Is there a way to make it change? or, is there a way to force the browser in the client phone to refresh the files in local cache?

Good morning

Sorry, but this is not a theme problem, this is how websites work naturally and this is normal, try to search for solutions in the web, but im not sure if its possible to load websites without caching, you may need to set up phone for this… not sure