Help! Seems the conflict of shapely-script and script from html template

Dear community,
I am using Shapely theme and I think it’s amazing. Everything works properly but I faced one problem which try to solve already for 5 days but without success.

I copy-pasted code from html template to this theme and in footer of html template exist some code such as
<script src="<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’)?>/assets/js/jquery.bundle.js?ver=130"></script>
<script src="<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’)?>/assets/js/script.js?ver=130"></script>

After that the menu doesn’t work properly, in mobile version the menu dropdown is not clickable and in PC browser version the menu disappear when scrolling down the website. If I delete this code from the footer, some html code works with problem, for example it’s with code and this is when the code with scripts deleted and other elements from html code doesnt work properly.

I believe this is conflict of jquery scripts of the shapely theme and html theme.
Can you help me please to solve this conflict.

Thanks in advance,

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please try using this plugin to insert the scripts:

Best Regards,

Thank you! Will check it out and give you feedback

Hello there,

Great, let me know how it works out.

Best Regards,

Hi! Unfortunately pure this method didn’t help me. I move the whole code from jquery.bundle.js to jquery.js . I am sure it’s not the best way. Seems default jquery.js had a conflict with additional jquery.bundle.js

My suggestion is to store all your modification in the child theme

Will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!