HELP! Testimonial CSS Problem

I used the following code to change the box where the testimonial is displayed:
#testimonials .section-content .testimonials-carousel .carousel-testimonial .testimonial-content
background-color: white!important;

HOWEVER, I am trying to use the following code to change the arrow below the content to white as well and it ends up being a rectangle instead of a triangle. Any clue as to why?

#testimonials .section-content .testimonials-carousel .carousel-testimonial .testimonial-content:after
border-color: white!important;

hey there

Please provide url of this page and i will take a look :slight_smile:

Regards Noda

Thank you for your response, below is the URL.



Hey Jenn

Please remove your code and use this one:

/*Testimonial tringle color*/
#testimonials .section-content .testimonials-carousel .carousel-testimonial .testimonial-content:after {
    border-color: #ffffff transparent transparent transparent;

Let me know if this is what you wanted

That worked perfectly, thank you!

Hi, there

Nice, to hear your problem is fixed:) Now I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved.

Feel free to contact us again Thanks!