Help - the update ruined everything


Sorry for this topic but I have a crisis.
The update of the theme delated every single piece of code I had changed on my website. It’s not my job and I don’t know much about it so it took me forever … Is there any way to get it back the way it were or to retrieve the lines that I changed?

Thanks so much for your answer, the theme is great, I’m so sad …


Hi support,

after applied the update to new version, got all disappeared (front page empty); only contact form still available.

Please advise if any applicable solution is available



I am following this request, as the update erased all the changes that I had made through the Editor. I am still able to see all my work done through Widgets, but seem to have lost everything else in addition to the ability to see my home page registered on the site. That is to say, I can see my widgets on the WordPress interface, but I cannot see the information when I go to my website.

Go to Pages > Front Page.

Change Template from “Default” to “HomePage”, somehow updating changes this to default. That worked for me – my homepage is now back with all previous contents (but still some details missing)

Hi, thanks for your response but this isn’t working for me. My homepage is not in the pages section.
The problem is every line of code I’ve modified (colors of the roll-overs, stuff like that), paralax, widgets, everything is gone. The home page is just a bunch of images and text mixed up.
Does anyone have a solution?
Thanks again though,


Hello again,

So, apparently the “default page” trick works afterall ^^ thanks so much for that.
The only problem left now is that my content (on pages, not on home page) is glued on the left. I can’t seem to modify the margin on the right side… Ideas anyone?
Thanks so much,


Ninehutty, I’m having the same frustration. I had changed some of the code in the footer and the appearance through the Editor, and now all of that work seems lost. I contacted my hosting company to see if they can help me restore the latest backup, which was from Friday. I will still lose some stuff, but better than nothing and they only charged me $15.

Let me know if anyone else finds a solution to retrieve code pre-update. I’m also wondering the best way to prevent something like this from happening again. Is there an option to turn off automatic updates? Should I download a backup file of my site from my hosting company? Grateful for any ideas from you all!

Hi Guys,

I suggest you to, use a child theme Child Themes « WordPress Codex theme updates will update all the files, it happens for all the themes by default. To prevent that use a child theme while editing the theme core files/functions.

If you guys have some other issues, please create a new thread with the questions.

Let us know,