Hero image on homepage

Hi Movin,

I love the Shapely-theme, it will be the first time for me working in a Bootstrap-like environment so I’m a bit of a newbie.

I would like to have a hero image on the homepage, I checked everything but apparently I’m missing something because it won’t show full page with the buttons on it. The image I uploaded should have enough resolution. What am I missing?


Hi @fayb,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Your shared site is not accessible for me and displaying the following message.

If you are the owner and wish to activate this domain, renew your Site Upgrade. When the upgrade process is completed this domain will automatically display your Cargo website. If you need further help, visit Cargo Support.

Please make sure that you have followed the instructions provided on the below page.

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Took me forever to figure this out, and possibly you already have but for anyone else in future here is what you need to do.

You need to add a Parallax section and set the Image Position as Background Full. Then you’ll see the hero image display correctly.

@eatchex89 I hope you are well today and thanks for helping out here in this forum by sharing the solution.

Your help here is really appreciated.