Hidden widgets

I am trying to avoid links away from my homepage as much as possible. Is there a way that I can have widgets that only appear when a link is clicked on? Or have a page’s text and images displayed within a widget that only appears when a linked is clicked on.

e.g. on my website http://matthew-hodge.com I want someone to be able to click the about summary and have that expand into a wider more detailed section. I’m sure it’s simple and is linked to the visibility but I am unsure of the conditions that need setting.

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Regrettably the theme does not have that option available so the feature would have to be added by a third party developer. Another option is to use a third party plugin to make the changes:

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I’ve been trying to use the collapse o matic widget now on the parallax section of my homepage. The short code just displays rather than allowing working. Can i embed it as HTML? Or do I need to look for another solution?

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I’ve managed to get collapse o matic working with buttons on the homepage. However, I want the text in the button to change (read more/read less) as appropriate.

This works fine on a separate web page.


However on the front page in a widget, both buttons appear and are swapped as appropriate. Is there a way to hide a button?

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You can use the following CSS code to hide the button by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

/*Hide button*/
span#swap-about {
    display: none;

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Brilliant thank you. I solved this as about the same time adding that to the html in the widget.

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As an update - once I got my page to save the additional HTML coding, it, unfortunately, didn’t work, should have but didn’t. Just made the button empty. SO I went back to your CSS solution. Just trying to avoid over populating the custom CSS file.