Hide "Date", and "Leave a Comment"

I would like to hide Date and “Leave a Comment” records at the top of every blog entry in the Blog view:

Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance,

This will remove entry-meta for both blog index as well as on single post pages as well.

.entry-meta .fa-calendar, 
.entry-meta .entry-date, 
.entry-meta .fa-comment-o,
.entry-meta a:nth-child(2) {
  display: none;

If you want to target just blog page just add .home or .blog at the front of every single line of CSS selectors.

.blog .entry-meta .fa-calendar, 
.blog .entry-meta .entry-date, 
.blog .entry-meta .fa-comment-o,
.blog .entry-meta a:nth-child(2) {
  display: none;

Add any of these codes snippets you want to use to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS.

Thanks for quick reply, Aigars.
Unfortunately, neither of these two code snippets don’t do the job. Can those snippets be conflicting with some other custom CSS code (?)

Try to copy above mentioned code snipped again. Fixed a tiny bug when copy/pasting code from my code editor.

Thanks! It works

Hello again,

As the meta entry data is gone, how can I remove the space between the titles and entry excerpts? I mean I want to remove the empty containers which contained that meta entry data.


Code you asked me didn’t remove all entry meta but only part of it, so there must be still space. If you want to remove entry-meta completely then there is not going to be any space and for that you can use this simple code:

.entry-meta {
  display: none;

If not, please post your website URL and I will look into it.

Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking in the first place :slight_smile:

Also, quick question: let’s say I have a long blog post. When scrolling through it, the sidebar’s widgets eventually come to an end and there is unfilled space in sidebar area. Is there any way to repeat sidebar’s widgets accordingly to post’s/page’s height?

There is no such options because all pages has different length and there is no such code that could randomly try to fill blank spaces with widgets. The best you can do is to create some sticky sidebar widgets. Not the same thing but it might help. Here is one plugin that can help.