Hide Feature Image in Blog Overview

hey there!
I am working since a few days with shapely - and it’s really nice, but there is one thing I can’t manage to find.

I want to have Feature Image in Blog Posts - to display them on the Frontpage(Homepage) with my 5 latest blog posts. I don’t want them to appear on the Blog Overview and Single Layout.

Ok I managed to use this Plugin Hide Feature Image to not display the Image on the Single Blog Layout, and I also found the lines in the php files I think - but for the Blog Overview…
I am simply to stupid. Where could I modify the template to not display the Feature Images over each Blogpost in the Overview?

Thanks a lot
Max from Austria

Just found it myself:

to not display it (but it gets loaded I think), add this to your custom CSS

.entry-header a img:first-child {
display: none;

Hello there,

Nice work coming up with that solution.
Please feel free to contact us in the future.

Best Regards,