Hide product category title in WooCommerce

Hello, I tried your theme again and it’s working fairly well this second round. The only problem I am having is with Woocommerce. On the product-category pages – the category is showing up two times instead of once. When I click a product from the category page – the both categories disappear. I don’t think I had this issue before. Any thoughts?

I don’t see any issues with WooCommerce on my test website. Could you please show some screenshot or something for more details?

Sorry about that. Here’s a screen shot – Dropbox - Error. It’s the product-category page which isn’t generated in the Pages.

It’s not really a bug but you can get rid of the upper title by adding this to your Child Theme style.css or inside Theme Options – Other – Custom CSS.

.woocommerce .page-title {
	display: none;

Thank you!

you can hide a category from the list category products ?