Hide title and project type in portfolio pictures

Dear Sirs, i am using SHAPELY theme on a wordpress site quite old, and want hide the title and type project showing in portfolio pictures, because they “cover” my pictures, covering their texts, with a bad graphic result. I have searched in portfolio parameters and settings, but unsuccessfully.
Please, may you help me?

Thanks in advance

Hi there

Please provide a direct link to one of your project pages and let me know what exactly you want to hide by a screenshot


Hi Mr Noda

thanks for your support.

the site is: www.centrouepp.it

it has a JETPACK PORTFOLIO section (see green background), where you see the pictures of the projects, but with the text of TITLES and TYPES of the projects visible, hovering with mouse.

I have mitigated this situation by changing title in . (dot), and by not using the type, making them least visible.

By the way, is it possible use the “shortcodes” for JETPACK PORTFOLIO, in order to hide titles and types of the projects? (i.e. not showing them above the pictures, hovering the mouse).

Thanks in advance

Marco G

i made many tries, inserting [portfolio] shortcode in a project page inside the portfolio, but with bad results. Perhaps the problem is the widget SHAPELY PORTFOLIO FOR HOME, i.e. this widget cannot manage some portfolio elements (hovering title, type etc). Is there a possible way of circumventing the problem?


Sorry but those images titles are part of the featured images you are using for portfolio posts, its not possible to remove only titles from the images, this is not possible…


Hi Mr Noda

one question: with some changes to SHAPELY STYLE.CSS, could’nt be possible “hide” titles inside the portfolio post images?
Please, may you tell me?
Thanks in advance


No, I’m sorry but hiding titles or any text on the image is not possible

Hi Mr Noda
hide the titles and types inside the pictures on a SHAPELY_HOME_PORTFOLIO widget is possible.
First you must identify (via etc mozilla developer tool) the PAGE-ID of the portfolio widget.
Then you must add this code (NNN is the page-id number) to WORDPRESS CSS ADDITION:
.page-id-NNN .title { display:none !important; }

you should add those command to the COLORLIB SHAPELY knowledge base.

Sorry, but I understand something else, from what I understand you wanted to remove titles form the pictures, :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing the solution