hide title page and hide RELATED ARTICLES and LEAVE A COMMENT

Hi, i’ve tryed to hide the title page and the title post but
I’m not able.

how can i do do this?

And also delete RELEATED ARTICLES and LEAVE A COMMENT on the post page

Thank you

Hello Alice,

You should try this CSS solution:

#header .bottom-header h2,
display: none;

Let me know if this took care of all of your requests.



Same thing here; I want to hide the related articles on the post pages. Although the above mentioned solution does work, this also shrinks down the size of the jumbotron image on the frontpage… Any idea why this happens, or what I’m doing wrong?



Try getting only the related posts code from there:

display: none;

You get smaller jumbotron because you are hiding the title therefore the content height is smaller.
It’s strange because it should not delete any homepage title, so maybe @alice4 can confirm this for us.



Thanks for your reply, that did do the trick!